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I truly respect those individuals and businesses that dedicate their time and give part of their earning to Charities. So when I was designing the outlay of my website this space was a must have.

Moving forward, I want to be able to recognise the people and businesses that give and who broaden your knowledge …respectfully recognise the beautiful people and businesses that exist. There is plenty of ugliness in the world that we live in however there are many more beautiful things happening and this space is to show you exactly that.


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This organisation runs purely on funds raised throughout the year by its community of volunteers. Their vision is to provide a nurturing environment where horses and people can come together to find a sense of love, loyalty and purpose by giving clients and volunteers the opportunity to interact with horses in a nurturing, therapeutic and fun way.

Healing hooves rescues horses from slaughter to re-home and rehabilitate these horses for various community organisations. The wellbeing of horses is their commitment and their volunteers are trained to care for their horses and to understand their world.

At Healing Hooves, horses will gain a valuable natural role and sense of purpose in supporting humans to find themselves and achieve magic. They also offer a safe experiential and interactive sessions with adults, young people and children of all ages, who can find happiness and self-esteem through being with the horses in a very positive way.

Become a volunteer or support this wonderful charity by visiting their website, click “Volunteers OR Donations”:

All donations go to providing feed, veterinary, dental, farrier, training and general care.

Vegan Lifestyle Blog - Healing Hooves Gold Coast - Charities I Support - Purely Vegan Existence


$1 from every online sale is donated to QENDO.

Beauty Tofu founder Melanie De La Reta not only believes that nature has enough to offer us all but also that there’s no need to use any animal products on our skin, and most importantly that no animals are harmed in the making of her product and well-known brand “Beauty Tofu”.

Beauty Tofu is proudly vegan, raw and cruelty free. For every online sale made on Beauty Tofu’s website, $1 is contributed to our sisters suffering with endometriosis. Qendo is a completely non-profit charity and a very amazing community they love to support.

Get to know more about QENDO and their Mission by visiting